Our Source of Life and Custom

It's not just trees, forest has become their source of life and their custom. This story tells Gajah Bertalut people in their effort, fighting for their right, to manage their surrounding forest while preserving it.

Originally titled "Sumber Hidup dan Adat Kita". This video was made In collaboration with World Resources Institute.

Copyright of World Resources Institute. To see more of their activities/programs, please visit www.wri-indonesia.org

One Map, One Country, One Nation

After several decade of land conflict, illegal land use/deforestation, Indonesia try their best to solve it. One Map Initiative is one of the effort.

Originally titled "Satu Peta, Satu Nusa, Satu Bangsa". This video was made in collaboration with World Resources Institute.

Copyright of World Resources Institute. To see more of their activities/programs, please visit www.wri-indonesia.org

Neng Koala Visual Diary: Ina Karuway

As a single mother, Ina Karuway was having dilemma when she’s got a scholarship. She had to choose between her daughter and an opportunity to help develop her hometown.

for more stories of inspiring women, check www.nengkoala.id

Stories from the Ground: The Spearhead

As demand rises for sustainable palm oil practice, palm oil smallholders are now one of the defining factor for it success. Extension workers are key to help smallholders transform for a better Indonesia palm oil sector.

Neng Koala Visual Diary: Adhityani Putri (Dhitri)

Dhitri was thrilled when she heard that she got a scholarship. But as an expecting mother, many doubt her. Dhitri went ahead anyway. Juggle her study while taking care her daughter.

for more stories of inspiring women, check www.nengkoala.id

Musika Foresta The Concert (Highlight)

More than 20 musician are involve. 4 forests become the inspiration. Musika Foresta invite urban people to conserve forest through the beauty of music.

Forest For Life

A beauty, elixir for sore eyes, and source of life. Forest holds a lot of resources. Realizing the potential, Social Forestry Program was initiated to give benefit to communities surrounding the forest while conserving it.

Shielding The Greens

The world has lost 2,6 million hectares of forest because of 2015 forest and land fire in Indonesia. Since that catastrophe, Indonesia aim to manage, combat, and even try to prevent the future fires through the combination of technology, local community support, and government commitment.

Ku Lari ke Hutan (fun run) Highlight

One of the ways to make people love their own forest is to let them take part in preserving it. By running 5 KM, the participant of Ku Lari ke Hutan is adopting 1 tree in a conservation forest. So the more they run, the more trees they adopt. The participant can even name the tree and see it via satellite.

This event is initiated by Hutan itu Indonesia (movement). To collaborate with the movement, please visit www.hutanitu.id

Bridging the Gap, Promoting Global Partnership (Alt Ver)

Today energy sources won't last long. It will deplete sooner than you can imagine. We need a new, clean, and renewable energy. The International community must act now and Indonesia has already taken one step toward that.

Indonesia's Centre of Excellence

Indonesia aims to tackle the energy crisis that happened around the globe, including Indonesia. Through the development of Centre of Excellence, Indonesia is going to develop clean energy technology and it deployment.

Hutan itu Indonesia Launching

Forest is life. It provide us with oxygen that we breathe, maintaining our climate, and spoil us with captivating beauty. And Indonesia still has that forest, precisely that kind of forest. So it's up to us to spread the beauty and benefit of Indonesia's forest.

Check Hutan itu Indonesia movement at www.hutanitu.id

Bali Clean Energy Forum 2016 Highlight

From the commitment to use clean energy in Bali in 2019, Indonesia will also expand his effort to preserve our home, earth. Through Bali Clean Energy Forum, Indonesia promoting the partnership between nations and bridging the gap of clean energy supply.