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Andre Christian

Andre Christian - idoep

Andre Christian - idoep

Andre Christian became fascinated with audio-visual medium when he started his career as a video journalist. How the audio visual can captivate and influence people deepen his interest. His audio-visual production capabilities then honed when Andre was involved as a creative team and producer at Younameit Production House.

His interest in social, humanitarian, environment, and cultural issues was also developed as he covers news and produce semi-documenter video. Up to now, Andre has already produced several videos in collaboration with various institutions and agency, such as the European Union, Hivos-Transparency International Indonesia, and the Indonesian REDD+.

Andre Christian's portofolio can be seen here


Ridhwan Siregar

Ridhwan Siregar - idoep

Ridhwan Siregar - idoep

Ridhwan E. Siregar is a freelance journalist, and a visual storyteller. Ridhwan has extensive experience in media production, after working in several media, including television, internet, print and radio. Graduated from mass communication major, Ridhwan also study at the International Center of Photography in New York, United States.

Ridhwan is specializing himself in reportage, portraits, street photography, news coverage, and everyday events. His work has been published in various media, both in Indonesia and international. Several parties who had worked with Ridhwan is Facebook and Coca-Cola. Additionally, Ridhwan is a stringer for Indonesia news agency, Antara.

Ridhwan Siregar's portofolio can be seen here.